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Common Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid

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Almost all social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram allow users to include hashtags in their content. Hashtags are a great way to reach more people, promote special events, and improve loyalty. 

About 75 percent of social media users, including businesses, use hashtags but not everyone enjoys the benefits they have to offer. This is because a lot of people make common hashtag mistakes that are best avoided.

We’ll cover some of the most common hashtag mistakes to avoid below:

#1 Going for Irrelevant Hashtags

Hashtags do a very important job of telling people what a piece of content is about while also allowing users to easily find it.

This is why it is important that you are fully aware of this hashtag mistake to avoid and only use relevant hashtags, otherwise, you will not get very good results even if users do end up landing on your page through your use of hashtags.

Some social media users end up going for irrelevant hashtags just because they’re popular. Hashtags related to celebs, for example, generate a lot of interest but someone searching for #TomCruise will not open your post about healthy eating even if they come across it. 

This is why a post about healthy eating should only use keywords related to diet and nutrition.

#2 Having Few or Too Many Hashtags

You need to find a balance and not use too many or too few hashtags. The right figure depends on your platform. 

For example, 11 or more is said to be the right number for Twitter. It can help double engagement. Most experts suggest using as many hashtags as you possibly can on Instagram with 30 being the upper limit.

For both platforms, anything under 11 can do more damage than good. However, there’s no right amount for Facebook and it is best that you try and learn.

#3 Not Doing Your Research

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Don’t make the mistake of using hashtags that ‘sound’ right for you. Instead, do some research and find hashtags that are in demand, relevant, and rewarding. An easy way to do this is to use hashtag tools like Hashtag Engine

With Hashtag as your partner, you will be able to select specific hashtags. This tool can help you gain up to 5,000 followers in a month. 

Those who do not want to go for solutions like Hashtag Engine will have to do their own research that includes studying competitors, going through dozens of articles that provide tips on hashtag usage, and understanding keywords. This is very important because you will not get good results without proper research and your efforts may go to waste.

#4 Only Going for Popular or Generic Hashtags

As a user, it is important that you find a balance between popular and niche hashtags. 

Popular keywords or hashtags are important because they attract more people but since there are millions of new photos and videos posted every hour, it can be very difficult to get noticed when you only use popular hashtags. This is why it is important that you also use some niche hashtags.

#5 Not Paying Attention to the Numbers

Analyze your hashtags and understand exactly how they’re performing. Nobody gets it right the first time. It’s natural to learn as you practice so make it a habit to pay attention to the numbers so that you can replace hashtags that aren’t working and concentrate on hashtags that offer good results.

Unfortunately, not everyone follows this habit and a large number of users stick to the same set of hashtags for all posts. This is a mistake that can cause you to lose followers so always use analytical tools.

Some platforms have built-in solutions but they’re not always reliable. Again, third-party platforms like Hashtag Engine can be of help. 

#6 Neglecting Branded Hashtags

audi example of using hashtags

Visit the Instagram page of big names like Coca Cola and Oreo and you will notice how they use a specific set of hashtags – #ShareACoke for Coca Cola and #OreoHorrorStories for Oreo. These are branded hashtags that are usually associated with specific events or campaigns and have proven to be very successful. Audi’s #WantAnR8 campaign, for example, proved to be a huge success. It got retweeted more than 75,000 times and helped more people know about Audi.

Even smaller brands are now opting for branded hashtags and not using one can prove to be a big mistake. So, think out of the box and come up with unique hashtags so that you can get more people onboard.

Branded hashtags are usually linked to campaigns that have the potential to get viral and are meant to encourage people to jump the bandwagon and use these keywords when they make relevant posts.

#7 Only Counting on Hashtags

While hashtags can be very beneficial, they alone cannot be enough. Your content must be powerful, otherwise you will not get your desired results. Also, hashtags don’t’ always look good, which is why it is best to use them in a creative manner. 

Instead of adding random hashtags like #food #delicious #calories at the end of a post, you can use these in the caption. For example: Do you know that #delicious #food does not always have to contain a lot of #calories?

Believe it or not, a lot of people pay attention to the caption. They can be informative, funny, or intriguing – but most importantly relevant. 

#8 Making Typos

Always proofread your keywords and do not commit the mistake of posting keywords that contain typos. Even a small mistake will cause all your efforts to go to waste. So, make sure to avoid this hashtag mistake. 

In addition to this, consider capitalization when using phrases as hashtags. #TitForTat, for example, is easier to read than #titfortat. Not everyone pays attention to this factor because users assume that nobody reads hashtags, which is far from the truth.

So, always edit your hashtags and ensure they visually look good as well.

Common Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid – Conclusion

These were some of the most common hashtag mistakes to avoid

The key lies in being careful, using a reliable hashtags tool, and coming up with creative content that has the potential to go viral. If you need any help with making amazing content, and building your social media, check out our instagram growth service today.

Common Hashtag Mistakes to Avoid
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