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How to Tell If You’ve Been Restricted on Instagram

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You use Instagram daily and have never had any trouble using its most important features. However, you have recently observed that something is wrong: you can no longer interact with a user as you once could, and you suspect that the latter has imposed constraints on you. So, how do you put it? That is precisely how things are, and you may be wondering how do I know if someone restricted me on Instagram. Don’t worry; I’m here to assist you if that’s the case.

Instagram introduced the Restrict feature in 2019, mainly to dissuade users from bullying other users. You can limit exposure on your posts, allowing only the people you want to share your posts with to view them. Instagram will not explicitly tell you if someone restricts you. However, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to uncover this information. Here is how you can go about it:

How Else To Tell If You’ve Been Restricted On Instagram

The Restrict function is being used to limit how much time you can spend interacting with other users on the app. If someone restricts you, you will never again be able to see their active status or since they were recently active on Instagram. They’ve likely barred your access if you detect anyone writing on the network, but no sign of them was being involved. On the other hand, the Activity Status function may be turned off for everyone on the app.

To ensure that someone is not restricting you, you should follow that individual with a family person or friend or create a new backup account. The quickest way to see if you’ve been placed on Instagram’s “Restrict” option is to:

Check Your Views On Their Postings Using A Different Account

If you’ve been denied access to the site, your live submissions (after the ban) on their postings will be seen only to you and the person who denied you access. If you’re unsure how to know if you’ve been restricted on Instagram, look at your views and comments on that person’s posts from a secondary account. If your comments aren’t accessible on the other version, you’ve been blocked from using the platform.

Here’s how to find out:

For this, you’ll need to create a new account.

Step 1: Look for the account of the individual who you believe is preventing you from utilizing your secondary account.

Step 2: Read through all of their posts’ comments. If you can’t find the comments you’ve made using your basic account, they’ve most certainly restricted you.

Please remember that any previous comments you posted before the limit will not be erased from their posts. Other users can only read the comments posted after the restriction has been lifted.

If you don’t normally comment on postings, think about doing so in honor of the person you believe has confined you. Afterward, using your second account, observe if the remark is hidden. You are obligated if you respond yes.

Send Them A Message:

To determine if someone has limited you, send messages to a user from your main account. Consider what might happen if your communication went ignored or was reverted for an extended period. It’s possible that the person has tracked you down, and your conversation wound up on their message queue instead. If your communication goes undetected or you don’t hear back for a lengthy period, you can safely assume that that user has confined you.

Stay Updated On Their Present Level Of Activity.

It can occasionally help you debunk your fears that someone is restricting your real account. However, it is of limited utility.

If they limit you, you won’t even be able to see a person’s active social media presence or when they were the last present. Ensure your activity level is “ON” before proceeding, as this will allow you to observe the activity status of others. If not, click to Settings, Privacy, and look under Privacy for the Activity Level option for your profile. Keep your status “ON” to see other people’s statuses and to know whether anyone on Instagram has blocked you.

Try switching to a different account or version when you still can’t view their active status. If their activity rating is visible, you can be sure they’ve restricted your access.

The anti-bullying feature “Restrict” on Instagram has helped to keep negative and hateful comments at bay. Someone may, however, use it to prevent you from participating in their posts or putting any remarks on them because there are no official methods for acquiring data on the subject, determining if you are being forced to Instagram’s “Restrict” section either by a user who is likely trying to avoid encounters with you on the platform.


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If you’ve been blocked by Insta and aren’t happy with the response you got from the community members, you should email the support system of Instagram. But, first, visit Instagram’s guidelines page to know more about their Restricted Mode standards. We hope this data is relevant to you! You know now how to tell if someone has restricted your Instagram account and what measures you should take next. Whatever happens, remain calm and attempt to use ideas rather than cyberbullying.

Finally, if everything else fails, numerous other social networking sites can also be used to socialize with friends and then do whatever else people do on them these days. For the time being, however, have fun snapping!

How to Tell If You’ve Been Restricted on Instagram
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